Riu Rau II, Jalon, Costa Blanca,Spain

Google Maps: Xaló,Alicante,Spain

This shot taken near my house in Xaló, this building is a Riu Rau where grapes are stored and dried to make raisins.This town is famous for it´s wines.It has  numerous `Bodegas´ and the winemaking season is from late August to end of September, at this time the roads are full of tractors with trailers loaded full of grapes heading to the `coopertiva´where the grapes are pressed for wine. Years ago the main grape was the `Garnacha´variety but nowadays typically wines are Merlot or Cabernet.Three bracketed images exposure fused and then tonemapped in Photomatix.

Canon 50D,Canon EFS 18-200mm. ©Adrian Harvey.

Print available at http://www.whitewall.com/AdrianHarvey or click here to go to site


2 thoughts on “Riu Rau II, Jalon, Costa Blanca,Spain

  1. A nice shot there Adrian – I live in a reformed Riu Rau myself and often wish I had kept a ‘before and after’. With a bit of ‘shopping I could almost pass it off as my own

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