Las Rotas,Denia,Costa Blanca,Spain 2011

Google Maps: Las Rotas,Denia,Spain

I had a photoshoot for a house painting company near here this morning,i got finished early so i took a walk down to the beach at Las Rotas. I took  this shot at about 10:30 am and although there was´nt a cloud in the sky, there was a sea mist rolling in,giving it quite an eerie effect.

The beach in the foreground is not natural,when i came here 25 years ago,this beach was a stone beach and even in the summer there was hardly anyone here,now in the summer months,this beach is heaving with tourists and holidaymakers, jet ski´s and boaters.

I love this time of the year here on the Costa Blanca, it makes me think what these seaside towns were like fifty years ago,just fishing villages,before mass tourism took hold!

Denia is still a working fishing port,so if you go to the “Lonja” you can see the the fresh seafood being auctioned,watch the fishermen repairing nets. Bizzarely, if you cross the road and go to a seafood restaurant all the seafood is frozen.The fresh produce is destined for the tapas bars of Madrid, 400 k in the interior of Spain!

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