Almond Blossom,Llosa de Camacho,Costa Blanca,Spain 2011

Google Maps: Llosa de Camacho, Alcalalí,Spain

Almond blossoms Llosa de Camacho, Alcalali, Spain

It is thought the Moors, who arrived in Spain in 711 brought the Almond tree to the Iberian peninsula,they expanded and improved Roman irrigation systems to help develop a strong agricultural sector, introducing many new crops including Almond, Orange, lemon, Saffron and Rice which remain some of Spain’s main agricultural products today.

This valley that extends for many kilometers taking in many villages, is called the Vall de Pop, or “Jalon Valley” to the expats and tourists that visit every year. At this time of the year when the Almonds are in blossom,the valley is transformed into a carpet of pink and white as far as the eye can see and if you stand in an Almond grove,you will be conscious of a loud droning sound of thousands of Bees at work.

Hordes of tourists descend into this valley at this time year,with cameras of every shape and description,to capture the valley in all it´s colourful glory.But in the next couple of weeks,the blossom will fall in a blizzard of pink and white petals in the wind,not to be seen again until next spring.


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