Cape Daisy Macro 2011

This Cape Daisy was given to my wife 6 years ago as a Motherday gift by the owners of a  restaurant we were visiting in Javea on the Costa Blanca.It is now a huge bush in our back  garden with dozens of flowers on it. It´s a great  little plant  for bringing some colour to the garden at this normally drab time  of the year.The colours are so rich and attractive you can see why the bees love it. It  flowers most of the year, here in the mediterranean, except deep winter and  it´s great for  practicising your Macro shot´s on!

I shot this with my Canon 50D and Canon 60mm 2.8  Macro Lens. I did´nt use a Tripod as i normally would have done, because i wanted to  practice my handheld macro photography. I gave this image an unusual crop and Depth-  of-field because there are so many images of Cape Daisies out there on the web.

The canon 60mm macro is one of my most favoured lenses the Ultra Sonic  Motor is  silent in AF mode,really handy for doing close-ups of insects. It lends itself well too, for  non macro and closeup photography, i recently bought a 50mm prime lens but have found the 60mm does the job just as well,i highly recommend this lens to any Canon users that don´t already own one.

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89 thoughts on “Cape Daisy Macro 2011

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    • I use a Canon 60mm, costs around €300.00,great for flowers and the like,for really stunning insect type of photography 100mm is ideal

  2. This is so beautiful! Congrats on Freshly Pressed!

    I have a 100mm macro for my 7D that I love so much but sometimes wish I could get even closer to my subject.

  3. I found your picture by accident.. but happy I did. I love flowers and love the way you cropped this picture. much depth..interesting, creative picture. I am also intereseted in taking photos of flowers, nature etc. At present I am using a Kodak camera with 12X zoom.. just at the beginning stages, joined a camera club..have taken a short adult ed course .am thinking about stepping up to a better camera. Are you happy with your cannon 50D?

  4. The color in this is just gorgeous. I really like the close-up view of this particular flower because we can see all the tiny dots in the center. Great cropping, too. Would find a nice place to hang it as a print easily!

  5. It’s seriously not good, It’s just magnificent. You also have great combination of colors in your blog over all.
    I love photography but I am not good in it 😦 don’t know much about cameras as well and unfortunately cant buy a very expensive camera.
    I’ll love to have some valuable suggestions from your side.
    I’ll be very glad if u just give a look at few of my pics here.
    ohhh and congrats on being freshly pressed!!!!

    • Irfan,you have a very good eye for photography, i like your blog,a decent camera is not so expensive in relation to the amount of years you will use it.I learn something new every day with every shot i take and you will be freshly pressed too,just keep at it,happy shooting!

  6. Beautiful tonality, depth of field, and composition Adrian! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed.
    I write some photography tips on my blog and you’ve inspired me to write about close-up and macro shots.

  7. Daisy is my favorite flower. As Meg Ryan said in one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail, “A daisy is a happy flower”. You have captured it well.

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  9. Hi, Adrian!
    I really loved this picture! It’s the kind of image I like to use in my desktop. It’s difficult to find great photos of flowers and you do it very well!
    Thanks for the photo!

  10. wow! I really liked his picture, I think the composition is beautiful, very sharp picture shows the detail part of the flower.

  11. Very nice photo. I had this lens for a long time but have since sold it due to a purchase of a 5D mark II. I love macro shots and had a lot of success with that lens, even as a portrait lens. Seeing this shot has encouraged me to buy a Ef 100mm 2.8 L IS. Thanks.

  12. This photo is amazing! I can’t believe how clear it is. I wish I had a professional camera to take my photos like this, but sadly I can’t afford it right now. Maybe I’ll ask for a canon for my graduation

  13. This photo is amazing! I can’t believe how clear it is. I wish I had a professional camera to take my photos like this, but sadly I can’t afford it right now. Maybe I’ll ask for a canon for my graduation

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