Sophie,Frankfurt Am Main,Germany


I took this shot of my daughter Sophie just before Christmas last year in Frankfurt. My wife was buying stock for her jewellery buisness in Spain ( but  Sophie and me get bored spending hours in a jewellery warehouse, so we decided to take a walk to the nearest play area nearby.I had just bought a Canon 50mm prime lens the day before in Wiesbaden and thought i´d get some practice in. A bitterly cold day next to the river in Frankfurt with snow on the ground, it´s amazing how kids will play outside in the cold for hours until their lips turn blue, while we have problems just pressing the shutter on the camera! (coming from Spain, German winters take some getting used to). Sophie is as happy in front of the camera as behind, she is the proud owner of my old Sony HSC-D2, even if she does  forget to put the lens cap on when she´s done but hey, what are dads for?


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