Raindrops on my Lemon Cypress Shrub 2011

I have learnt some important things about photography in the last few days:
Decide what you want to photograph before you even pick up your camera, hoping to find something worth shooting while on a Sunday stroll is bound to fail.

There is no such thing as ” bad weather”, only photograhic opportunities.

If you want to  shoot Macro, think Macro, when you look at something, imagine looking  at it thru your Macro lens.

The weather here on the Costa Blanca has been especially “bad” the last three weeks, cold, wet and overcast, a break in the clouds yesterday saw the sun come out  for a little while, so i went out to the garden. We have a small Lemon Cypress shrub out there about a meter high. Normally i would have walked past it without even noticing it, but it´s position in the garden in relation to the sun at this time of the year, highlited the raindrops on  it. As if they were little fairy lights. The raindrops are no more than 3mm in diameter. I got in close with the macro lens but when setting up a shot like this you become so involved with the technical details that you don´t see the scenes your shooting, it was only after i got the images on the computer, that i could see this world that only small animals and insects see! At this level the raindrops are like little mirror globes reflecting a world that we never see.

I took this shot with my Canon 50D, Canon Macro 60mm 2.8 lens, tripod mounted using a remote shutter release.

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5 thoughts on “Raindrops on my Lemon Cypress Shrub 2011

  1. Great focus and color, the tips are so true especially 2 and 3. With tip 1 though an extra should be keep your eyes open as even the best laid plans will change with unknown opportunities.

  2. This is very nice!
    I find it rather difficult to judge the success of a macro shot until I see it on a bigger screen and I’m amazed at the details I didn’t see at the time I took the shot.

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