Animoto – Refer a Friend Program

Create hi-quality video slideshows from your photos with @animoto to share with friends and family.

via Animoto – Refer a Friend Program.

I am very impressed with this, i have a client ,a house painting  company,here on the Costa Blanca that wanted a video slideshow for his website,you know the sort of thing: Before and After shots and some promotional discs for his clients, so i paid for the unbranded Animoto version which is around €180.00  and my client was really happy with the result paid my fee for the photography + my fee for the video (which was €180.00 coincidentally)!  and i´ve received an order for 20 more discs!! I recommend this for the advanced amateur photographer looking to make the jump to actually getting paid for their work. For me taking photo´s of real estate isn´t generally the most challenging  i´ve done, but it´s not uninteresting or boring either and hey it helps to pay for all that really expensive camera hardware!

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