Blue Flower,Costa Blanca,Spain 2011

Google Maps: Vall de Pop,Costa Blanca,Spain

Wow,what a busy day, i thought Sundays were for relaxing!

8:00 am:

Up to the top of the mountain to get some shots of the Valley (Vall de Pop) for an estate agent friend of mine that has just moved to new offices down in the valley floor. He wants a fullsize poster of the valley from on high, to go above his desk, (Estate Angents are like that). 2 and 1/2 hours later I´m still up there, i´ve taken 90 shots with 4 different lenses,and it´s a dismal failure ,the farmers have all decided to burn off brushwood this day-great shots of rising smoke.

10:30 am:

I can hear the Harley´s passing thru the valley and i´m getting itchy feat.

10:45 am:

I´ve had enough,it´s not going to work today, so packing up my gear when I see this little flower.

If anyone reading this post knows it´s name, it would be greatly appreciated, it grows everywhere here ,where there is´nt much human presence (i.e mountainsides) and in abundance.

Anyway, get my gear out again and select the good old 60mm, so I get in close,the ISO is set to auto, but of course, it´s so dark in close, that ISO jumps to about 800,not a problem, i´m told with the 5D but a bit of a problem with the 50D, but anyway i´m happy with the results.

11:00 am

Back in the house,swap the Mazda for the Sportster,the seatbelt for a crash helmet and the black t-shirt for the black Harley t-shirt (ritual).Ride around for an hour or so and it´s back by twelve to meet up with friends and family because we´re all off to the beach today.

12:15 pm

The missus still is´nt ready.

12:30 pm

On our way to the beach in Vergel.

13:00 pm



Restaurante,100m from the beach €11.00 per head,people queing up outside to eat! We´ve reserved, eat your hearts out folks!


After half an hour Zulema decides to show us all the contents of her shoe-sand! And then drops the lot in her Paella,needless to say ,loses her appetite for Paella this day!


Back to the beach, I´m on alert as the rest are sleeping it off, on the beach.

16:15 pm

Tried to get the kite in the air, no chance, keeps grounding.

16:30 pm

“Hey kids you can paddle in the sea,but don´t get wet because you´ll catch cold”

17:00 pm

They are all soaked to the skin and shivering!

18:00 pm



Hot bath for Sophie!

20:00 pm

Reading a story for Sophie.

20:02 pm

Sophie snoring!

I love Sundays, it´s the best day of the week!

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