Romero Flower 2011

Romero or (Rosemary in English) is extensively used in Spanish and mediterranean cooking.

In our village here on the Costa Blanca the last Saturday in April is a local tradition called “La Romeria”. Just about everybody in the village walks up the mountain about a kilometer  and  friends and families gather in their respective groups to picnic, and pick Rosemary, which is then put on the front door of the house. (Strictly speaking ,it is prohibited  to pick Rosemary and take it home with you, in order to protect the local fauna,however with the local police also picking it, it´s not a problem in this village-so long as it´s done at “La Romeria”).

It´s a good time to catch up with everybody that you don´t see so often!

I´m not sure if it is a Pagan or religious tradition but I suspect it´s Pagan!

My wife decided we should  have the whole plant rather than just a sprig and she transplanted it to a pot last year. Being  a native mountain plant it, does´nt  lend itself well to the soil structure on the valley floor, which has been cultivated to support  Grape vine,Orange, Lemon,Almond and Olive,hence the pot not the garden.

I gave this shot a Bokeh effect because the flowering buds are no bigger than your little finger nail so I had to get in real close with the 60mm Macro, which made it almost impossible to get the whole flower and Stamens all in equal focus, so I decided to make the Stamens the subject,of the shot.

I took this with my Canon 50D,Canon 60mm macro.

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