Poppies 2011

Google Maps: Rio Jalon,Alicante,Spain

It´s the Poppy time of the year again, on the banks of the river Jalon. They grow close to the riverbank but not so close to the water,about 10 metres from the river. They are not the same as the poppies you see in France, that mark the graves of men lost in the first world war, they are much bigger and attract insects and wildlife of all description.

Spain has become a country that  understands the value of  it´s nature and wildlife (of which it is abundant). There is still a long way to go, to make people aware of it´s importance but this river has and it´s banks have become an official wildlife preserve  that can´t be messed with, which is a step in the right direction.

I took a walk along the riverbank ,and the sounds and smells of nature were incredible, the sound of  frogs croaking,and as you approach, the “plink” sound they make as they dive into their little pools, the swallows flying madly along the  river scooping up insects as they fly along, fish, big and small dart in and out from their hiding places when you approach, and the overpowering smell of herbs and living plants that is this tiny world to us but the entire world for them.

Three years ago,we had 5 days of intense rain, this river became a raging torrent, it reminded me of the monsoons in Thailand, taking cars and parts of houses and debris to the sea further downstream.

The debris is still trapped within bullrushes and probably won´t get dislodged until the next deluge.

This shot was with the 50D, Lens was Sigma 70-300mm

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