A Rainy Easter Weekend,Spain,2011

It looks like it´s going to be a a very rainy Easter weekend here in Spain.

Spain being a devout Catholic country, this weekend  is a very important weekend and every village,town and city will be holding they´re solemn processions. Each town and City depicts something different, it could be the crucificion or the Virgin Mary or as I once have seen the Last Supper.
These processions are highly emotional for the people taking part or attending. Even if you are not religious (of which I count myself) the spectacle can be quite moving. I fear that this year the dominant feature will be thousands of umbrellas (definitely a photographic opportunity there)!

My family and some 12 friends and five kids will be heading down to Arroyo Frio in the province of Albacete about 350K from  here,  to stay in our friends family country house.

There will be an Easter Egg hunt for the kids on Sunday (weather permitting, otherwise we´ll have to hide the eggs around the house).

As i´ve said before on this photoblog there is no such thing as bad weather, just photo opportunities and it will be interesting for me to see what I can come up with in these challenging weather conditions!

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