Arroyofrio,Castilla-La Mancha, Spain,April 2011

Google maps:  Arroyofrío, Castilla-La Mancha, España


One of our group, Enrique snuck up behind me and poked me in the ribs while I was taking some photo´s of the Pantano (there´s always one joker in the crowd! Had to take the shot again)!  We took a walk to the other end of the pantano where I took this shot.

The stream fills the pond from here coming straight out of the mountain behind so there must be an underground lake somewhere in the mountain behind. We sat and watched the lake from there, every now and then a Trout would break the surface to feed on the insect that skim across the surface.

We had a half hour of peace and tranquility and hardly said a word to each other ,we just sat there taking in the beauty and solitude of the place before being  invaded by people shouting at each other from opposite banks of the pond and generally spoiling any chance of anymore photography for the day.Lens used: Canon 18-200mm zoom.

Monday, a long drive home but I came away with some pictures that I liked, in spite of the weather.

I´m off to London in the morning for a few days to see my 96 year old mother , who´s been poorly of late and i hope to have some nice London photo´s to post when i get back, the big City will be a nice change from rural life, even if half of the population of London is going crazy for a Royal Wedding, could be some good photo opportunities there, we´ll see!



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