Rio Mundo Cascade,Castilla-La mancha,Spain 2011

Google Maps:  Rio Mundo,Siles,Castilla-La Mancha,Spain


We set off at around ten in the morning Easter Friday for a long weekend at our friends family house in Arroyofrio,Castilla-La Mancha. 13 adults with our respective daughters(5 in all) in 5 cars. As none of us posses such a thing as a Sat-Nav, we found ourselves going around in circles on the outskirts of Alicante on a new stretch of motorway.

After successfully finding the right route we stopped at around midday for Brunch and then made our way to Arroyofrio, about 20 kilometers from Arroyofrio is the town of Siles just before the town is the high  waterfall from the Rio Mundo, it was a little bit disappointing as the Rio Mundo had less water than in usual years and was reduced to a stream,( which I thought  was a little ironic as it rained on and off the whole weekend)!

I did manage to get this shot of the only substantial part of the waterfalls that we saw.

I used my Tamron 10-24mm for this picture.


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