The Railway bridge Kew,London,2011

Google maps: Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens, United Kingdom

As you would guess from it´s name it was a route along the Thames that horses hauled barges laden with goods to other parts of Surrey along the Thames River.

Although I grew up here, I could´nt tell you when it was first constructed but I think it goes back to the 16th Century. There were no trees on the River bank then as the horses would pull the barges upriver using a long line. Eventually the Thames Barges developed sails making horsedrawn barges a thing of the past.

A half kilometer further upriver is the old toll house that the barge operators had to pay to continue on there journey upriver.

Down river from here is Mortlake where the Watney´s brewery is located (It no longer brews beer and is just a bottling plant). However the original brewery building is still there and is a listed building.

The railway bridge supports the Metro railway to Hammersmith,Shepherds Bush and ultimately to Central London.

There are several rowing clubs along this stretch of the river and the National Archives at Kew as well as a water treatment plant (Who´s stench has´nt diminished over the years)!

About a kilometer downriver is Chiswick Bridge and the end of the famous Oxford and Cambridge boatrace. An endearing memory I have of this yearly ritual was the boatrace parties that my Mother and Father held and that went long into the night (It was the only time me and my Sister were allowed to stay up so late)!

Kew gardens is a must if your visiting as are the river trips to Central London along the Thames.

Lens used: Canon 18-200mm Zoom


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