Castañedas, Xaló ,Spain 2011

Google Maps: Jalon, Alicante,Spain

One of the male dancers from the dance troupe “Grup de Danses de Xaló”.

Some of our very good friends here, are members of this dance troupe, i´m hoping to get some traditional music for this troupe in order to create an Animoto slideshow, to promote what they do, as i think it´s important.

Because they are simple country folk, they don´t seem to understand the empowering nature of the world wide web, it´s an uphill battle  trying to get them to understand that they could do so much more.

Trying to get the group altogether for a photo shoot, in a lovely rural setting, (which is only 100m outside the village) is a disaster!
Half of them turn up an hour after the sun´s gone down (and forgot to bring their costumes with them)  and the other half  are still in the bar having coffee´s because they´ve  forgotton that they have photo shoot today!

This is the Spanish way and culture, you never really get anything done!  i love it, although it can be a little frustrating!

I love photographing nature in Spain, such as plants and insects and wildlife, because they are always on time (Sunrise and Sunset – only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun)! They don´t spend an hour in H&M trying on clothes and they don´t,take your Credit Card and put it in their purse  for safe keeping!

Lens: Canon 18-200mm


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