Unknown Flower 2011

My seven year-old daughter  Sophie, is so very generous, knowing how much I enjoy taking photo´s of flowers, she bought me this pot plant from one of the vendors at the Fira we attended on Sunday. She used her own pocket money for this which I thought was such a sweet gesture (of course I reimbursed her for it)!

I don´t know the name of this plant but it must be quite common.

I was struck by the arrangement of the Stamens and how nature produces these perfect shapes albeit in a (to us) chaotic way, not being a Biologist or scientist, i´ve always wondered how a species propogates itself  in such a way-flowers and insects fascinate me.

This plant has very white petals  but arranged like a funnel (I suppose to give easy access to bees and such like), but it was the inner part of the plant that got my attention so I focused on that,such lovely colours and shapes!

If you look closely you can see the shape of a heart, a gift to me from my daughter from the heart. I did,nt notice it at first until I got it on the computer but then I saw it, I guess nature throws up the signs and signals but it it up to us to interpret them!

Lens used: Canon 60mm Macro.


3 thoughts on “Unknown Flower 2011

  1. It’s almost as though there is a pair of arms presenting a little bouquet of flowers, within the flower! Really beautiful colouring too… Nature is stunning indeed!

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