Anemone Stamens Macro 2011

 My daughter Sophie planted this for me for Father´s day at her school and it flowered today, so I thought it definitely a candidate for a macro shot. The camera was tripod mounted and in Live View at a magnification of x5, I also used a remote trigger. I Used AF with this, which i think was a mistake, it probably would have been better to use  manual focus in Live View for this shot, (in spite of my Glaucoma, now where did i put my glasses!)  so i will try to remember this for the next macro i do. I´ve tried micro-adjusting the lens, but i think manual focus will work better. These little Stamens are about 1/2 of a millimetre and the furry bits in the middle even smaller, so this lens is pretty cool! Once i´ve upgraded to the Canon 5D (soon i hope), i´ll be going for the 100mm macro, big bucks but probably worth it.

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