Glowing Edges fx 2011

I´m a complete novice with photographic fx but have been inspired by “In search of styles” blog, i´ve always resisted this type of photography, because i guess i´ve been a bit of a purist, i still have a lot to learn!

Photography is an artform, as much as a visual record of events or capture of an image, i believe. I´m not about to spend big Bucks on fx software, simply because i have more pressing needs (i.e photographic hardware and equipment)! So i´m just going to have to make do with what photoshop has on offer.

I tried to de-noise wth Topaz Labs but it just would´nt have it, this was the way it was meant to be, i guess!

The original unmalipulated image is of a Sunflower bud, before bursting into life (June is Sunflower time so we have a little time yet).Very green, but not a bad colour in the right context! Maybe sometime in the future i´ll post the original. It was taken with my Macro Lens. Tomorrow i start building a hide, because Sunflowers attract Birds and Butterflies, the Birds go for the seeds and the butterflies are courting disaster with the birds-but that´s nature. Hopefully i can get some good wildlife shots, but no guarantees as: “The best laid plans of mice and men………..”

Poster,Print or Card available at my Red Bubble page: click here.


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