Baby Sunflower 2011

My first sunflower has emerged!

You know the first days of summer are here when they pop out overnight.

It´s about 10cm across from petal extremity to petal extremity, so it´s just a baby, of course. Being a baby, it´s not quite symmetrical ( more half moon shaped actually).

I´m reminded of when after my daughter was born, i was convinced she had a deformed head, of course all our friends with kids assured us that this was normal and after seven years, she has blossomed and my friends proved correct. (Her head is completely normal,along with the rest of her body).

I have a feeling, said Sunflower will blossom the same way too.

There is a train of thought, that the first to blossom is not the most important, it´s the pathfinder, the one that checks out the world it finds itself in, and communicates to it´s brothers and sisters what to expect before they become part of the world.

This was a devil to photograph because they are on such long stalks,the slightest breeze and they´re nodding all over the place!

This Sunflower has five brothers and Sisters, some taller, some smaller, and they are all sticky: so that´s where Sunflower oil comes from!

I took this image with my 60mm Macro lens and flipped it over in photoshop 180 degrees, because for me it was more aesthetically pleasing that way.

I cropped this image this way because, the original image does´nt work.

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3 thoughts on “Baby Sunflower 2011

  1. I read somewhere that each ring of seeds has the same number of seeds as each succeeding number in the Fibonacci sequence. (I’ve got to check it out to make sure, but it’s something like that.)

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