Resting Sunflower,2011

Well, i have´nt posted anything for a few days ( i´ve not locked myself in to posting something everyday, as for me it just would´nt work)! Which has given me some time to work on my wix website which up to now has been what i can only describe as up to now,being  akin to the dogs dinner!
Then i checked out site which blew me away, so i have been checking that out over the weekend ( anyone who is kind enough to visit this blog, might like to take a look at it, i´ve put a link to it on the top bar of this blog, beautiful images!).

My daughter Sophie went down to Alicante on Saturday on the bus with the girls team to support the women´s football team in the championship (they won the cup and huge thanks to Juan and the girls for looking after her)! she took her VTEC camera and pestered me all day to make an Animoto video for her and her friends-finally done and facebooked-I never want to see it again, because these kiddy cameras are worse than the worst cell phone cameras but  she´s definately got a photographer´s eye and i´m so proud of her!

My last post referred to the rainy days we´ve had here, ( today we´ve had proper, Spanish June weather, not a cloud in the sky , had to put my shorts on in fact  but i´m still not up in the mountains  ,as i´m playing catchup).The break in the weather on Friday presented me with a devastating reality, my first born and favoured Sunflower has succumbed to nature and sheer weight of the raindrops has taken it´s toll, she/he/it was found lying with the Cape Daisies, looked quite content though and i managed to get a shot of  it laying amongst the Daisies before the my wife Silvii performed emergency surgery (amputation actually), it´s on the dining table in a vase but seems quite happy for now!

This shot taken with my most faved lens, my 60mm macro but not in macro as i did´nt want to be intrusive in said Sunflower´s death throes!


3 thoughts on “Resting Sunflower,2011

  1. I just discovered 500px this week too! That site makes me seriously want to lift my game. I’m feeling unworthy. BTW, love the sunflower. The rain drops add some nice texture too!

  2. Beautiful photo Adrian. You know, I once had the 60 macro and even though I liked it, I had issues with it as I have posted about it on my blog. Now that it is gone, I really, really miss it. I hope to buy a 100 macro before the month is out and get back to macro. very nice shot.

    • I totally agree Spiderpaw, my beef with it is you have to get in so close with it, i´m hoping to upgrade to the 100 macro in the autumn.

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