Casa Xaló 2011

Casa Jalon
I found this photo,while moving some files to the cloud ( i had forgotten about it. Not strictly HDR as it was a single image processed in Photomatix but i like the atmospherics of it. I took this about a year ago during the local fiestas in the summer at about 4:00 am in the morning (i was at a party) if i remember correctly.
Unforunately Spanish pueblo´s have never considered running cabling underground, which is a shame as the towns and villages would be far more aesthetically pleasing without them in every shot. I left them in shot because i´m not going to spend hours trying to edit them out in Photoshop!
The “Cloud” has been in the news quite a lot recently, Apple´s icloud is about to be launched and love the idea or hate it, it´s almost certainly to be the future.

I have to span my photo´s across two computers for Post production as i´m often in my wife´s gift shop when she or our employee is´nt there, or if there´s a problem. I am totally fed up with putting everything on flash drives, they take so long with RAW and TIFF files, but this way i can retrieve what i´m working on without looking at a message that tells me i have to wait Seven minutes before i can remove the flash drive!

Moving the files from the external hard drive to Photoshop takes awhile but you only have to do it once, you get 2 Gig (Picasa only gives you 1 Gig).

We´re going on a road trip – Spain to Austria (and everywhere in between) to a family wedding soon, so i think it will come into it´s own then. Upload the photo´s of the trip and PP when i get back!

A postscript to all those wedding photographers out there: I´m keeping the camera in the bag and out of the way until the morning after-don´t want to tread on anyones toes!

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