Product Photography 2011

Something a little different today.

My wife´s giftshop website is in dire need of upgrading with new products, so it´s back to weeks of product photography for me (but hoping to find time to to my own stuff,as well)!
Some people selling this kind of product through a website like to decorate or mount the product on a plinth or stone or such like. But because of the design of our website, keeping everything simple and uncluttered works best for it. I might use a piece of white vinyl to give the product a bit of reflection in certain cases.
Also, keeping everything simple cuts down the post processing, putting the product onto the site takes 3 times longer than the photography, so i like to keep the work on it to a miniumum, as i lose concentration and enthusiasm for the whole job.

I photographed these rings on large white card. For the upstanding ring i used some White Tack
to fix it to the card. I took the image in Liveview and used a remote shutter release.
I used my 60mm macro for this and it was for the purpose of photographing jewellery that i bought this lens, before doing macro of natural subjects.


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