Stainless Steel Flexi Tube macro 2011

Last Sunday saw a plumbing emergency in our house. I´m certainly not a plumber (or any other type of Handyman around the house for that matter).I´m sure you can imagine the scenario, a bit like the keystone cops  (let´s be honest guy´s, we´ve all been there)!

However, after much cursing and unorthodox plumbing methods, said repair was completed. If this tube is Stainless Steel, why is it covered in rust and i have to use an angle grinder to remove it!

I am up to my neck in product photography and not able to get out to take any photographs for the moment and i am loathe to dismantle the setup in my studio, so decided to get a shot of the offending tube, before it get´s thrown out with the trash.

I was actually thinking about some new desktop backgrounds and screen savers for my computer, rather than a post but on closer inspection i was struck by it´s simplicity like a basket weave.


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