View From A Kitchen Window 2011

This shot was taken through the kitchen window of my sisters houseboat on the Thames in London, the boat is a Dutch Barge and my sister´s boat is dwarfed by it.
I left school at 15 and trained as Welder and worked in small boatyards along the Thames, so this photograph has special appeal for me as it took me back to my early working days. I soon lost interest in welding but it allowed me to live and work in some other countries, which made the move to Spain years later so much easier for me.
I like the combination of welds and rivets on this barge, the welds are repairs but the rivets are original from when it was built,  so it´s a very old barge, the size and weight of the anchors give you some indication of how big and heavy the barge is.

Lens : Canon 18-200mm EF-S


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