Cala La Fustera,Benissa, Alicante,SPAIN

Google Maps: Cala La Fustera,Benissa,Alicante,SPAIN

A “Cala”  here in this part of Spain is a small bay. Cala Fustera is an enchanting little spot in the area of Benissa. The beach is made of fine sand at it is quite small and intimate, it is only about 40m wide. There is a rather nice beach bar there, with a DJ that plays great chillout and chilljazz music.

I spent 2 summer seasons in Ibiza, that most magical of islands, and Cala Fustera reminds  me  so much of that place.We came here last night to celebrate a friends birthday and we were the advance party of eight adults and four kids, tasked with setting up the tables on the beach and general preparation before the other guests arrived.

Setting up only took ten minutes or so, so i took the opportunity to practice some long exposure photography.Unfotunately, due to this cala´s location, the Sun does´nt go down over the sea at this location.

But as i found out later on during the  night , there is a quite a spectacular moonrise. The Moonrise will be the subject of my next post rather than this one because the  pros and  cons are more easily explained with an image to refer to.

I took about 8 or 9 Long Exposure images of this vista and was happy with all but one (the one shot i forgot to put the ND4 on the lens! ). For me that is a good ratio and at last i am beginning to master some techniques, well, i say master but i mean “getting there” – as they say: ” never give up,never give in”!

I chose this image rather than the more dynamic ones as i think it more  accurately captures the vista than the others that i took which were more seashore specific, rather than Vista.

I think with Land/seascapes, i have learnt, there is no substitute for doing research  before taking the shot:  i.e. knowing where sunup/down, basic things like compass culture: N,S,E,W, Moon,stars and all that kind of stuff as opposed to reacting to a vista when it presents itself to you.

As i may or may not have mentioned in previous posts, we have a roadtrip coming up soon, to  a beautiful part of Austria, lakes and all, so getting these long exposures right is really important as i´m only going to get the one chance at it.

Lens: 18-200m Zoom EF-S, Hoya ND4 Filter


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