Sophie´s got her new belt, June 2011

Today for me is wordpress proud Dad day. Last night at the local sports centre my 7 year-old Sophie gained  her new belt and Diploma at Karate.

 Toni her instructor is a good friend of ours for many years, who has authority and respect from his young students, but also finds time to joke and play with them as well,which comes from him being a father of two twins i suppose.

This guy could be a lethal weapon on legs if he wanted to be, but of course Karate is all about discipline and being in the right mental state and interestingly enough he is an amateur archeologist for this area and can tell you about everything going back the last 1000 years, a very interesting guy.

I created a B/W background for this shot mainly because gym´s are generally uninteresting places to take photographs, or at least they are when run by the local town council!

Lens: Canon 18-200mm EF-S


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