Mittags Blümchen in soft focus, 2011

I received my new Giottos Tripod with 3-way head on Friday and had a little time to practice with it before my family got back from the beach, (being of mixed Ghanaian and Dutch descent,sunbathing on the beach is definitely not my thing)!

My  wife  Silvia, brought  this plant back from one of her (very regular) forays to the local garden centre, I asked her what it was, unusually, she did´nt know  but her mother calls it a “ Mittags Blümchen” (you may have guessed at this point that my wife is German!). I suspect  that this definition  is my mother-in-laws  pet  name for a plant she does´nt actually  know the real  name of , however  it has a certain (German) ring to it for me, so I will continue to call it that!

I took this in Live View with my 60mm Canon lens, and my new tripod, which I am extremely happy with and which will be the subject of my next post.

Taking shots of this plant  in situ proved problematic, first of all the camera tends to overheat in live view and apparently you should keep this to a minimum, secondly, we are well into the 30´s temperature wise here in Spain (It´s going to be a very long, hot, Summer!)  Thirdly, with the heat comes the wind, so with the combination of camera overheating, my head overheating  and  flowers  blowing about, I decided to call it a day.

The Stamen in this plant looks a bit like a Starfish to me and i thought it might be some sort of deformity, however all of these plants have them, so it´s obviously a devious plot to attract the bees!

So there we have it, a soft  focus  for a hot Sunday.


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