Two little Garlics sitting on a Chopping board, 2011

My wife Silvia opened the shop at about 9:45 this morning, after she had gone, i  walked  into  the  kitchen and i  saw these two little Garlics sitting on the chopping board.

I wondered whether they had some special  meaning  sitting on the chopping  board or was just coincidence? Who knows?

Wife returned a couple of hours ago, no mention of Garlics, so I suppose it was just a coincidence. And i´m off the hook this time! Still, I thought I would photograph them just in case i´m missing something!

Well ,Garlic is a wonder herb, you can´t  ignore it !  It has amazing properties!

I know people in the Northern Hemisphere ( or should I say Western Hemisphere), don´t much care for  this herb but it really is one of the Earth´s greatest  gift to us.

It heal´s wounds,calms and cures our nerves ,cures  stomach ailments , especially  ulcers of the stomach and the like and let´s not foget,  it keeps Dracula and his family out of our castles!

Taken with 60mm Canon, Giottos Tripod,Canon 50D, Loads of Photoshop Etc.Etc.Etc……..


One thought on “Two little Garlics sitting on a Chopping board, 2011

  1. Funny : ) I have to admit it made me think of that very old song most sang when kids, Six little monkies jumping on the bed…when I read your title, “Two Little Garlics…”. Very nice photo…love the detail of the crackling skin. : )

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