Sunset @ Agua de Mar 2011

Google Maps:  Puerto Deportivo Marina de Denia, Denia, Spain

Yesterday was my wife Silvia´s birthday so, after dropping Sophie off at our friends house for the evening, we headed to the Port in Denia.  After  scouting around we settled on a rather nice seafood restaurant called  Agua de Mar  not cheap, but excellent food and service and great views over the Marina as it is on the first floor .

I was pretty sure we were in for a nice sunset so brought my camera along.I had attached my battery grip to the camera which proved to be a good idea as I was able to place the camera on the table which was just the right height for this shot. (I don´t think setting up a Tripod in someones restaurant would have gone down too well)!

Denia has become an attraction for a lot of rich Russians who speak no Spanish but excellent English and there were several large groups of them in the restaurant. While in conversation they swapped between English and Russian in the same sentence which I found quite amusing.

After the restaurant we moved on to a nice cocktail bar close by and had a Mojito and watched the ferry heading out for Ibiza before heading back home.

I took about 60 or so photo´s in Denia , a of which I was really happy with several including this one so I have some readymade content for the next couple of posts.

All in all, a splendid night out with the wife which is a rarity.

Lens Canon 18-200mm zoom.


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