A very brave little Mantis 2011

I saw this little fella this morning, I’ve never seen a  Praying  Mantis this small before, I don´t know if it is just  young or a dwarf species.

I noticed it scuttling across the patio at the back of the house at about 8:30 this morning, so I got the camera out and got as close as I could with the camera resting on the floor tiles to keep it as steady as I could. I chose widest aperture so as not get to much detail of the background.

You,d  think an insect  barely 1.5cm long would try to run away  but no, it  kept charging at the lens and I had to keep backing off and re-focus, on the third attempt it lunged at the lens just as I pressed the shutter – then disappeared, when I saw it again it was perched on the focus ring of the lens-had to blow as hard as I could to dislodge it!

I can´t be sure but i´m guessing it saw a reflection of itself in the lens glass, and decided to see it´s perceived rival off!

Lens: Canon EF-S 60mm Macro


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