Denia to Ibiza , 2011

Google Maps: Puerto de Denia,Spain

Another shot  from last Thursday night.

We were just taking a stroll along the pier in Denia,  when the Balearia ferry came along, silently,  making it´s way out of port on it´s way to Ibiza, hardly breaking waves, very high in the water. The ferry was so high in the water as it was  virtually empty.( It is an automobile  and truck ferry) taking drivers and produce to Ibiza and Mallorca and of course foot passengers. The only reason there were´nt many passengers is because the Spanish holiday season, “Operation Salida” only started today.

Those that use the ferry are generally Spanish tourists and people like us who live on the mainland, going  to spend some time in Ibiza. Foreign tourists generally  fly in to Ibiza airport.

I´ve done this trip many times, in the good old days, when the ferries were bought second or third hand from Greek island cruise companies. They were old rust buckets, but at least they had a good rave scene going on with great DJ´s, so the 3 hour journey time  passed quickly,  dancing and and trying out one´s latest chat-up lines wth the girlies. (My chat up lines were generally a dismal failure,but it was good fun anyway). As I said before “the good old days”.

These new ships are Hi-Tech and more family friendly than before, but if you do this trip, it might be better to take some food and drink with you rather than pay the inflated prices.

As  someone who started their working life in the shipbuilding industry, as a welder, I still get a big kick out of ships, I love them, especially when they´re in motion on the sea,  taking photo´s of ships and boats give me great joy!

I processed this (single) image thru photomatix to tonemap it, (so not strictly HDR, but rules are meant to be broken, right?) and then thru Topaz de-noise @ moderate RAW preset.

The lens used was my Canon EF-S 18-200mm.


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