Rastafarians and Imperial Stormtroopers on the SouthBank ,2011

I have an external harddrive of 1 Terrabyte, I like to keep my photo´s at full size (4750px in TIFF Format) i also like to keep my movies in original,so something has to give, i can´t do much with the movies but the photo´s will have to be crunched! 4750 to 1280px
No problem, i can always put selected back to original size should i need it, or better said, should i need a big print.

While crunching, i came across this photo i took earlier on in the year on the Southbank in London, (there´s always something going on there).I was about 20 metres or so away, from this troupe of guy´s, not sure if they were Afro-Caribeans or Africans, anyway, they had no instruments with them so i guess they were´nt musicians, (unless it was voice instrument).
Just as i raised the camera to take the shot, they all moved away, all i got was this guy heading out of shot.

Looking at this photo months later, i can´t help thinking ” what´s a rastafarian doing in the same scene as an Imperial Stormtrooper!

It´s a bit like every extra in Universal Studios having a coffee break in the parking lot at the same time!

Although i chose to live in a small town in Spain, i do miss the energy and culture of living in a major city like London, but hey, i´ll be back in September!

One thought on “Rastafarians and Imperial Stormtroopers on the SouthBank ,2011

  1. Don’t crunch the photos! Get a bigger or a 2nd drive! They’re sooo cheap. I just picked up a 1TB external pocket drive for about $150. I also recently put a 2TB drive into my PC as the old 500Gb was bursting at the seams.

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