Day3, Post 3: Saint Valliers de Thiey to Cadrazzete Italy 2011

Google Maps: Cadrazzette,Italy

After a good breakfast in Saint Villiers we headed for Italy. We reached  Ventimiglia about midday.

At  Ventimiglia there is a vantage point and you can look over Monaco and  the high class cruise ships that come in, I think it is not a deep water port because the Cruise ship (Star Princess) was anchored off shore and small boats were ferr ying passengers ashore.

Here we had a picnic before moving on to Cadrazzette.

The motorway suddenly changes from three to two lanes, is very narrow and lots of curves and the scenery and towns take on their own distinctly Italian feel.

After a couple of highly stressful hours on the coast road we took the turn off inland and the terrain changes dramatically, it becomes a flat plain, that extends for miles without deviation,long ,straight, roads all the way to Cadrazzette close to Lago maggiore  in the Italian Alps.

Lens: Canon EF-S 18-200mm

Day3,Post 4: Cadrazette follows.


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