Day3, Post 4: Cadrazzete 2011

Google Maps: Cadrazzette,Italy

Arrived at the hotel “La Locanda” in Cadrazzete that we had advanced booked at about 8.00 pm  in the evening.

A very young and pretty receptionist (always good to see ,after a long journey) showed us the room, which had a well stocked mini bar easy and free  internet access  (the first post, day 1 ,came from here)!

We were told the hotel restaurant was closed on a Monday, but a restaurant on the lake was open, 1 kilometer walk from the hotel, we walked,1 kilometer -restaurant closed, we walked back, that´s 2 kilometres,some people can´t count!

Asked receptionist again ,(different receptionist, a little older but still an Italian beauty)  we asked “where´s another restaurant open” she said there´s  one a 3 kilometre drive down the road, drove down the road 3 k,closed!

Had to ask the Carabinieri by the side of the road (with really serious looking machine guns,) if they might know of a restaurant open on a Monday:  Carabinieri said ”yes,down the road” but it was closed yet again, drove back past the Carabinieri, but thought better of getting into an argument with them,especially as they had some mafia looking types up against the wall and some serious weaponry with them!

So back to reality and we  ended up in a really crappy bar that sold even crappier Pizzas and then back to the hotel. We  did´nt mind though, because a bad Pizza is better than no Pizza!

Moral of story:  if you want an evening meal , arrive in Italy on any day of the week but a Monday!

I  fought off  300 mosquitos  just for this photo and won,I think!

I like Italy and Italians!


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