Day 5,Benediktbeuern to St Gilgen,Austria 2011

Google Maps: St Gilgen,Wolfgangsee, Austria.

A fairly uneventful trip from Benediktbeuern to St Gilgen.

I have taken hundreds of photo´s on this road trip but you can´t put everything up on wordpress so you have to try and be objective and choose the ones you think are best.

St Gilgen is a beautiful place on the Wolfgangsee in Austria, it was the birthplace of  Mozarts mother and her house is perfectly preserved.

It feels funny being with a camera in this town because instead of feeling like a photographer you feel like a tourist,

There are probably more cameras per Sq Kilometre here than in a camera exhibition.

We stayed in an enchanting hotel called Schernthaner and all around this area in the mountains hidden away are these fantastic restaurants and traditional alpine watering holes.As I may have mentioned before we are here for a family wedding and nothing was spared the groom comes from, here so knows all the places.

It is so funny to see men with ponytales wearing Lederhosen and women dressed in traditional clothing and being intensely proud of their heritage without being arrogant, truly lovely, friendly people!

I took this shot near Motzart´s mother´s house and only had a minute before the bus full of Chinese descended on the place.

It was quite comical actually,all these Chinese tourists with Canon cameras and 400mm telephoto lenses, taking photo´s without even looking in viewfinders or using live view,just pointing the camera in the general direction and clicking off,forget fine details like composition or camera settings etc.And tripods what are they for?

I would´nt mind ,but you spend all this time setting up the shot tripods and all settings are right checking light conditions regularily,ready to go and someone walks right in front of the camera and then 20 more follow like sheep

Time to go back to the hotel ,Tommorrow is another day!

Lens: Canon EF-S 18-200mm

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