Day 6, Hallstatt,Austria

Google maps: hallstatt,Hallstattsee Austria

 Day 6, and it´s raining,raining,raining and yet more raining, in St. Gilgen,Austria , so not looking good for the wedding tomorrow.(Please bear in mind these are retrospective posts,)  i´m running two days behind. Travel, WIFI, a place to lay your hat and a place to recharge your  batteries ( laptop, not me) conspire against us! How is it folks can go all around the world and give you up to the minute photo news etc. and I can´t ?- work for CNN I guess!

This is definately the last lake post for awhile (despite their beauty, I don´t want to see another one for about  two years, waterfalls are O.K though)!

Two days left on the road trip, from Bodensee, Germany  to  Jalon,Spain – all motorway, so no photo´s unless something really great happens on the highway. This is the vacation season and I hope everyone everywhere, get´s to where they´re  going  for the vacations and back again safely!  Drive careful, friends and try to stay safe – Who would have thought Norway would have come to this!

Next posts are going to be Bird, Human and Animal related and all take place in Konstanz,Bodensee (no lakes) stay tuned and see you then!

Lens :Canon EF-S 18-200mm

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