Daisy Macro 2011

These daisies were in the childrens play area of the wild life park in Bodensee, Germany and as i had pretty much the full compliment of camera kit with me, a quick change over to my trusty  60mm Macro was definitely the order of the day.

This shot was handheld using manual mode and manual focus.

Rather than have the usual downward shot, I thought i´d go for it on a horizontal plane as there was plenty of colour in the background.

I think the parents milling around thought me a little odd, (I prefer the word eccentric).

I have got so used to people staring at me while taking photographs, that  it does´nt bother me anymore, but makes my wife Silvia writhe with embarrassment, how she suffers for my indulgences!

The most often used phrase to the wife while in photography mode is:  “i´ll meet you in that bar over there in one hour”. God knows, it´s spared the wife some blushes up to now!

Lens: Canon EF-S 60mm Macro


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