Falconry, Konstanz, Bodensee Germany 2011

Google maps: Wild and Freizeitpark,Allensbach,Bodensee,Germany 2011

Well, the last day of the holiday before we head back to Spain,so we  all took a trip to the tier park in Allensbach.

The Falconry  was  great and I like this shot of people ducking and diving out of the way.

It´s funny how  when your behind the lens you are sort of detached from what´s going on in front of the lens,this Eagle sailed over my head just centimeters above and although the Falconer instructed everyone to duck when the Eagle flew so close, that would have defeated the purpose for me as I wanted this shot.

I used my Manfrotto monopod for this shot, with the Giotos threeway head  mounted just to give the camera a little more flexibility of camera angle.

The camera was set to AV and continuous shooting high mode selected.

Lens: 18-200mm Canon EF-S

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