Kochelsee, Bavaria, Germany, Summer 2011

Google maps: Kochelsee,Bavaria,Germany

Although, i´ve pretty much had my fill of taking lake views for awhile, this one I quite like, just  because of the reflective nature of it.

We were nearing  our destination for the day, (we´d booked the hotel in advance) so we were able to take a break from driving all day to take in the lake  view and stretch our legs a bit.

The lake was so calm and the whole area was deserted, i  thought “I must get some shots of this”- after 5 minutes or so,  we came to realize why this scene was so devoid of humanity: Mosquitos, thousands of them, everywhere!

I´m one of those lucky people that has blood that mosquito´s  seem to find unsavoury, (at least Bavarian ones do), and very rarely suffer from the little bloodsuckers,(a careful choice of words,here) however my wife and daughter  are fair game for them, so they  hightailed it to the car, closed all the doors and windows, leaving me alone to capture the scene.

Which was probably a good thing, as my daughter tends to make ripples wherever she goes, and a serene and calm lake is like a red rag to a bull with her , the temptation is irresistible-she´ll always find the biggest stone to throw in! So this time, it´s a big thank you to the moskeets!!

This shot was handheld, (as opposed to “planheld” – tripod and monopod left in car)!  Lens was my Canon 18-200mm zoom.

I was thinking just before we left, whether I should I invest in a lens more suited to landscapes (although I have a rather cool Tamron 10-24 Ultra wide), but actually, i´ve come to like this lens a lot, it has proved to be quite invaluable the last couple of weeks!

I ´ve had a lot of fun taking pictures from  moving vehicles,(Cars,Boats and Buses,Etc.) ( my tunnel post, I think is a good example of boredom morphing into creativity) and this lens, lends itself to this medium, (tunnels not boredom) quite well.

For a general all rounder, I think Canon have done a pretty good job on it. Of course my Sigma and Tamron deserve a mention too!


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