St Gilgen, Wolfgangsee, Austria 2011

Google Maps: St.Gilgen, Wolfgangsee,Austria

Well, here we go again, playing around with tonemapping, the best laid plans of mice and men- I promised myself (and the rest of the world) I was´nt going to do any more  HDR or Lakes for a while!  I just can´t resist it though, so just think of these photo´s  as  a series!

I´m looking at these photo´s whilst listening to some very,very chilled, chillout music on Spotify  ( I think you guy´s on the North American Continent have just got spotify), check it out, it makes looking at your own photo´s objectively a whole lot more fun. (I think!).

Anyway this shot was of a quite a nice fish restaurant  in St Gilgen on the Wolfgangsee in Austria.

It  had quite a nice chillout feel to it, that fits in perfectly with the sounds that i´m listening to at the moment, but  is unusual  in the Alps!

I would say this photo is more like what  you´d find in Ibiza, Rapa Nui, Tahiti or somewhere like that, so Sankt Gilgen definitely has some potential , even if it does´nt have any decent weather (It rained the whole time we were there)!

I´m just trying to imagine Lederhosen in Ibiza, I just don´t think it´s going to catch on! But for what it´s worth, here´s St Gilgens´s contribution to the big book of cool hangouts  to go to! (Well, you decide, don´t take my word for it)!


4 thoughts on “St Gilgen, Wolfgangsee, Austria 2011

  1. Hey Adrian, you should run the Reduce Noise filter in Photoshop and it’ll eliminate that little red/cyan fringe (comes from the HDR processing) you have around the windows. Sure looks like a nice little spot for lunch. So I’ve recently switched over to Google Reader for my blog browsing and I notice that while I seem to send out tiny little pictures, you (using the same theme) send out great big monster size photos. How do you do it? My photo size maximum seems to be 315 pixels wide.

    • Hey Mike, Thanks for the invaluable tip about the photoshop noise reduction filter,
      Just uploaded corrected image. As for the image size question i´m not sure why that is but when i first put the blog together in Settings on the lefthand pane of your dashboard, you´ll see Media, when you go into that you´ll see three sizes: thumb,Medium and Max width respectively,on mine they are:Thumb:150×150, Medium :300×300 which i think are default values but i inputed 1024×768 manually for the Max width (just because for me is a manageable size for uploads).Below that is a couple of check boxes: auto-embed,this i have checked, the width box is blank but height box has a value of 600. It´s the only thing i think could be the reason.I Checked out reader this morning, looks interesting,probably need to pick your brains on it though!

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