Orquesta Euforia, Jalon, Spain 2011


Well , we´re back in the Fiesta  season again here in Spain and last night was the rock band Euforia , a really great band doing great covers of some great songs from the 80´s and 90´s the Talking Heads covers really got me the  goosebumps. This was a good chance to practice some lowlight photography or more accurately night event photography!

This band are great ,full of energy and had young and old alike stompin´.

This band consist of  male and female Vox ,Bass and Lead guitar,Drums and Keyboard,the standard rock lineup but with great effect).

The lead singer had to pass thru the crowd to get to the sound and light board at the back (always issues in the live music business with sound and light engineers-they are always the bad guys-been there, done it!).No-one seemed to notice him but he passed just by me, gave me a wink and a smile and a thumbs up, people notice you when you photograph them which I thought was pretty cool and it´s good to get a positive reaction to photographing people rather than a negative one.

I refrained from using flash (I don´t like it much and the lighting rig was great  and I  wanted to capture the light bath to full effect as well as the action, also I know how distracting flash can be for performers!).

More images of this event can be found on my facebook page: adrianharveyphotography, all friend requests honoured!  Album : Orquesta Euforia.


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