Hallstattsee tour boat, 2011

Google Maps: Hallstatt, Austria

Another shot from Hallstatt, this tour boat was´nt having too much work on this day as the weather was a mixture of rain and low grey cloud. The legions of Chinese tourists seemed to only to have interest in taking pictures from the safety of the town (as admittedly was i).

The boat had quite a lot of Scandinavian types onboard, probably because they are a hardy lot and used to this type of weather! Have you noticed how the Scandinavians always wear really cool allweather gear like Helly Hanson,Wolfskin and North Face, just won´t see people wearing that in Spain, unless your holidaying in the Picos de Europa.

The tour buses all arrived at the same time, offloading their human cargo of Chinese tourists, carrying cameras of every make and description, from the ladies with their pink and feminine point-and-shoots, to the guy´s with their DSLR´s with some of the largest lenses you´ve ever seen and the movie cams. I think the camera and lens manufacturers should send their promotional people down here (if they have´nt already done so, just for the kudos of it)!

I´d read an article in the Times newspaper that Hallstatt was the most popular place for Chinese tourists in Austria (and actually it was the reason we we´re there, because seeing the pictures in this article, convinced me to go there,from a photographic point of view, that and the family wedding we were attending 30k away in wolfgangsee that particular weekend).

In the article, was a reference to some Chinese entrepeneur who is building a replica of Hallstatt somewhere in mainland China,lake and all. You have to admire their “anything is do-able” concept of the world, though million year mountain ranges may present something of a problem, humanity has´nt quite mastered terra forming to that degree just yet!

I´d set the Tripod and camera up with the remote shutter release so i coud take some 180 degree shots and my daughter excelled at being the photographers assistant, pointing out that she required some shots of the ducks for her animal album (not wordpressed), when i became aware of about 4 people standing right behind me.

When i say right behind me i mean centimeters, is´nt it funny how people see someone with a camera mounted on a tripod and naturally assume you might actually know what your doing. One guy used my shoulder as a makeshift tripod, he spoke to me afterward in Chinese and i can only assume he was thanking me for the use of my shoulder, it was all very good natured if not a little bizarre with no mal intent and quite comical. The next five minutes went from ominous skies to bucketing down with rain, time to head back to the hotel!

It is very difficult to take a bad photo of Hallstatt, you have to really excell at bad photography for that and i´m assuming 99% of people don´t fall into that category, so if  you find yourself down Salzburg way, check this place out, the people are friendly,cultured and muy simpatico!

Lens Used: Canon 18-200mm zoom

Print available at my redbubble page click here


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