Hallstattsee,Austria 2011

Google Maps: Hallstattsee,Austria

This part of Spain at this time of the year is incredibly hot,dusty and exhausting, making landscape photography (or indeed any type of photography outside one´s air conditioned comfort zone) more like a trial of physical endurance- (38 degrees today)!

Great conditions if your training with special forces for combat in the desert, i however, am not, and my 50D hates it! So landscape photography is completely out of the question until about the end of September, when the world around us here returns to something like a sensible climate.

When we´re in deep winter, i long for the long hot summer, when we´re in the long hot summer i long for the deep winter and cosy log fires !
Anyway, that´s another story and luckily i have an abundance of roadtrip to Austria photo´s.

This one i like because it stopped raining for about 10 minutes allowing me to get this shot which i´ve tonemapped just to get some more detail.
To be honest, my personal opinion is that, one can overdo the HDR thing and it´s become such a standard photographic method nowadays that it´s losing it´s power, some of the new digital cameras have hdr settings incorporated in their presets. I guess it´s just not new anymore!
I think from what i see out there, one does´nt need more than 3 bracketed images to produce the desired effect , i prefer the term tonemapping, my wife looked at one of my “tonemapped images” and said “it looks like a painting”! It changed my whole perspective on this medium.
At the end of the day,the compo is important (something i´m striving to learn), no amount of hdr can make a photo great, just enhances it!

Prints of Hallstattsee available at http://www.whitewall.com/AdrianHarvey or click here to go to site

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