Cadrezzate,Lago Di Monate,Italy 2011

Google Maps: Cadrezzate,Italy

This shot of lago Di Monate at Cadrezzate in Italy, was taken earlier this summer on the first leg of our journey to Austria.
This was a second attempt, because as i was taking the first shot, 2 snorkellers emerged from the water (it had´nt occurred to me that watersports might be as popular in a lake region as a coastal region). I had to wait a good 10 or 15 minutes for the water to calm down before taking this shot.

I like this shot, as behind the camera, was a restaurant/beach bar (except there was no beach, just lush green grass going to the shoreline), with about 50 people indulging in various pursuits like barbeques,frisbeeing and sunbathing but there´s no hint of that in this shot, how deceptive photography can be!

I used an exposure of 1/4 sec to smooth the water and my Tamron 10-24 wide angle lens, a very good lens that i would highly recommend, it´s about half the price of Canons equivalent and compatible with both the 50D and the 5D, so a good investment for me for when i eventually upgrade to the 5D. It does´nt have image stabilisation (hence the price difference) but this type of shot requires a tripod so that´s negligable.
I added some Tonemapping in Photomatix but am a little disappointed that i could´nt get rid of the flaring around the trees in the top righthand corner, though that is more to do with my level of proficiency with photoshop than anything else: more practice required!

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4 thoughts on “Cadrezzate,Lago Di Monate,Italy 2011

  1. Hey Adrian, that halo around the trees you’re talking about is a very common issue with HDR processing. You’ll see it in the majority of HDR shots out there to some degree or another. There are two approaches to clear it up. First, in Photomatix, crank up the micro-smoothing (if you’re using the Details Enhancer method) – I keep it up around 20. Crank up the highlight smoothness. Ty out the different light modes to see which one gives you the best light and then pull back on the Strength slider. This will greatly reduce the halo problem. The second part is a bit more work, especially around finer details. You take your tone-mapped image into Photoshop along with the exposure of this image with the correctly exposed sky (or other details where you have halos). Put the images on layers and with a layer-mask paint in the desired exposure.

    • Thanks Mike,for your invaluable input,i´ll give the photomatix approach a try first. At the end of the day i´ll have to hone my photoshop skills,Thanks mate!

  2. Ho trovato questa immagine del mio piccolo e bellissimo paese e voglio ringraziare per aver pubblicato un bel commento come il tuo.
    Maurilio Canton mayor of cadrezzate.

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