Ariel Fire Fighters 2011

Escaping from the heat of the day here in this part of Spain is essential for one´s health, so me and the missus  took a siesta, a little nap,  waiting for the heat to abate, when we we´re  awoken by the sound of helicopters and low flying airplanes, this can only mean one thing in August-a forest fire and it was fairly close by.

No time to think or plan, just a quick lens change over to the Sigma 70-300 and chase the ´planes, no time for monopods or tripods.

Sure enough, right on cue for this time of the year, a forest fire, just outside the next village.

I jumped in the car and got the best vantage point I could, I would have sold myself to the devil for a 400mm telephoto!

These pilots are incredible, flying back and forth between the fire and the sea to pick up water for a water bombardment. They fly thru thick smoke without fear. To see them breaking thru the smoke heading to the coast is an amazing sight!

The   local news network Canal  Nou , reported that the fire was in a very inaccessible part of the mountains, that coupled with time (Late afternoon) suggests a human hand may have behind this, (you can´t fight fires in the dead of night, nor fly airplanes). Vey sad, fires kill everything from the smallest insect and plant life to all the animals that have their habitation there.

Lens used: Sigma 70-300m DG, Handheld.


2 thoughts on “Ariel Fire Fighters 2011

  1. Scary stuff man! A couple of years ago, while I was still living in Melbourne, we had raging bush fires across a lot of the state. Leveled a number of country towns, killed a lot of people and made thousands homeless. I hope this fire that you’ve caught here was quickly brought under control.

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