Dali Museum, B+W,Figueres, Catalunya, Spain 2011

Google Maps:  Dali Museum,Figueres,Spain

My earliest memories of Black and White photography, we´re as a young boy , my mother and father had a book called “London by Night”, this book´s layout was B+W images with almost no text, save the locations of the images, I used to look at this book under the covers in bed,with a torch´(i´d have gotten in trouble if the light was on). The images we´re from about 1942 or 1943 I think and I don´t obviously remember the photographer´s name but they seared into my memory this idea that B+W photography was film photography.

In the last 9 months that i´ve been photoblogging on wordpress, i´ve been lucky enough  to discover and follow some great photobloggers such as In search of style and Sven Seebeck  or sites such 500px.com that my ideas about  B+W have changed quite radically.

I´ve been holding off Silver EFX Pro,for some time, not because I have a problem with it, but because my  Credit Card has a problem with it, recession bites! (Apparently,people are at their most creative when their backs are against the wall-Yeah right!). My biggest problem with demo programs and plugins is…….at the end of the trial period I tend to buy them!

I like this shot, just because whoever designed this museum (and I suspect Dali may have had something to do with it) ,created some lines to take you to the front doors, making this shot great from a photographic point of view. But not great if you’re a tourist on a tight budget!

Dali being a great painter, knew how to maximize  visual impact, and financial impact too I think!

I´ve got two weeks to play around with Silver EFX pro, so you´re probably going to see lot´s of B+W here for the next couple of weeks…….maybe!

One thought on “Dali Museum, B+W,Figueres, Catalunya, Spain 2011

  1. You know you have to buy Silver Efex Adrian. It is way too good not to have in your arsenal. I don’t use it everyday, but I use it a lot. Even when I don’t produce my final image in B&W, I’ve often used Silver Efex along the way to selectively adjust lighting and texture (aka structure), and of course there are the frames. Have you worked out the trick where you make your new B&W layer with Silver Efex then change the blending mode to Luminosity? It flips back to colour, but brings through all the changes in structure, lighting, etc.

    You sure found this museum at a quiet time of day!

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