Shy 2011

I´ve been busting my buns to get some SilverFX Pro  B+W  images up to the blog the last couple of days, but to no avail.

It´s not the plugin that´s the problem, it´s my images-I just have´nt found anything (as yet) that does justice to the plugin (should´nt that be the other way around)?

Any way, i´ve been invaded by our friends kids, there are 5 of them in the house at the moment, Liam (the only male and the oldest, on a visit from the UK, is kicking a ball around  outside, it´s 11.00 pm for christs sake, I got neighbours Liam!).

Alba the teenager, is on Tuenti, (Spanish  equivalent of facebook) using the backup laptop and giving me a hard time because it´s too slow (sorry Alba but it´s ten years old and XP is all your gonna get )!  The other three, Alba (the younger) Sulema and my little one, Sophie are watching a Winnie the Pooh video (but not watching it of course, they´re playing with dollies)?

There are three laptops, two flat screen tv´s  and a video and tv on the go at the moment, this night I must  have the largest Carbon Footprint in Southeastern Spain!

Kids –I love them all and this house would be a very boring place without them-still, I got a feeling that tonite will be a sleepover, hope we can find places for them all.

The parents of course, are having a great time in the bar, reminiscing about old times (before we all had kids, wife included)!

Me being a dedicated wordpress blogger that never goes to the bar (if you believe that, you believe anything ) am in control- I think! Your turn next week guys!

Silver FX Pro is on hold for tonite but luckily, I spied this little lonely grasshopper in my Lemon Cypress bush. I don´t know if  it´s male or female but it was acting really shy, so you can draw your own conclusions. All I know is, if it has short antennae, it´s a grasshopper (saltamonte), if  it has long Antennae it´s a Cricket (Grillo).


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