Rays of hope 2011

The title for this photo is not so much to do with current or world events, (although my sentiments lie there as well), but more to do with me mastering Silver FX Pro.
This photo was taken back in the days, well 2009 actually with my first DSLR, a 400D, with a kit 18-55mm lens.

I thought ,however, it would be a good candidate for some Silver FX Pro experimentation. ( The 18-55mm is gone, never to darken these halls again and the 400D has gone to a good and caring home).

I have noticed that with a lot of my landscape images taken with the 400D where there is a lot of sky, i get this banding, however, with my 50D and lenses i have, i don´t seem to suffer this problem (not on my monitor anyway)! I don´t know if it´s down to the 400D, my photographic inexpereince at the time or my photoshop skills at the time (one learns a lot about photography in 2 years)! If anyone has some explanation of this phenomenon, i´d love to hear it, purely from a technical point of view.

The original image before the Silver FX Pro B+W conversion was a very dark blue (not the sun´s rays obviously) and the clouds were quite indistinct and so i´m really impressed with this NIK software/plugin (i´ll definately buy the full version when the trial runs out!).

I like the framing, just because it reminds me of the hundreds of  B+W postcards of the 40´s and 50´s that my mum and Dad collected wherever they went, of course the postcards were not of the sky in those days, more of Devon and Cornwall and Holland and Burma and India and long gone family i´ve never met.

My mother, still firmly rooted to the Earth, can still pretty much name the Aunts and Uncles, even though she´s in her Nineties and my Dad, well, i like to think he´s up there amongst the rays of hope, reading his newspaper over and over again!

A big thank you to in “search of style”´s wordpress blog, for some invaluable Silver FX Pro insight, checkout the blog by going here.

So tomorrow, more Silver FX Pro practice!


5 thoughts on “Rays of hope 2011

  1. nice picture and editing, it makes me feel like there should be a chorus of Handel’s Hallelujah chorus in the background haha 🙂

  2. Thanks for the mention again Adrian. Glad you’re lovin’ Silver Efex and planning to invest in the full version. It’s well worth the investment! I’m also glad you found a good B&W subject. Gotta love the nice dramatic sky!

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