Sophie, Spain and Germany,

A shot of my daughter taken about a year ago on the Col de Rates near here. Converted to Black and White in Silver FX Pro, i moved the structure slider left to negative percentage, about  50 or 60 percent( even the most angelic of faces don´t have the most uniform complexion and mosquitos take their toll, in this part of Spain).

Wearing mum´s sunglasses, made the job a whole lot easier, (no need to worry about the shadows under the eyes)! Below are a couple of examples  of how NOT TO DO IT . Even my 50D has a fill in flash! Just to let myself off the hook, the images below we´re  taken in Frankfurt in December 2010 and it was 10 below 0 and my fingers were freezing!

You can pay for  software for enhancing portraiture but you can do it all in Silver FX Pro,(unless of course ,you like,spending money), i just have´nt worked out yet how to revert  back  to  colour but keep all the Post Processing, i´ll get there, you know what they say “Never give up, Never give in” For me, with photography i´ll never give up and i´ll never give in!



2 thoughts on “Sophie, Spain and Germany,

  1. Keep the processing and keep the colour by changing the blending mode on the Silver Efex layer to Luminosity. You’ll keep all the changes you made to lighting, structure, etc. and you’ll keep the colour! I like that top portrait. Very nice!

  2. This shot of your little girl is one of the most stunning ever. I am a big fan of Nik software and I agree with Mike as I sometimes do this as well. One thing I do is get my color correction done and then save. This way any thing I do afterwards (Silver efx, color efx, etc.) I save as a separate file so if I want to go back and do something else I can. Hope this helps.

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