Where´s my boat ? 2011

Google Maps: Stain Hill Reservoir,Hampton England

I read somewhere, that sometimes it´s good to review your photos after 6 months or  a year, rather than straight away, you see them differently.

I don´t do project 365 or a photo everyday, it works well  in cities, where you have day to day street life, but  out  here, in the country, the changes are measured in weeks or months, not  day to day.

This photo, from last year, with some cropping and tonemapping, (to bring out the colours) takes on a new meaning for me.  It is almost as if this guy has lost his boat and he´s stuck on the jetty,frantically ´phoning around to find where where his boat might be and all the other  boats  are in the middle of the resevoir and he can´t get to them (let´s face it we´ve all been there  at  some time or other in our lives).

When push comes to shove, i ´d rather be stuck on a boat, than stuck on a jetty , i´m sure  this guy feels the same way too!

I like the blue sailing gear he´s wearing too, it  contrasts with the red RIBS´s in the middle  of  the reservoir.

I´d like to go back to this place, in the cold English winter and take a foggy and misty, long exposure,  i just  hope the guy, isn´t still sitting there waiting for his boat!

Lens used Tamron 10-24mm Wide.


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